Baobab, Rozanne Tunmer

Rozanne Tunmer lives in Harare. She is a great artist and loves the fauna & flora of this world – particularly of the Southern African Region. Her heart is with Mana Pools – a phenomenal National Park in the North of Zimbabwe. Mana Pools is a magic place with an incredible wealth and abundance in both wildlife and plant species. Visitors will find no fences around camps. Shoulder to shoulder with the most fabulous wildlife on this planet – adventure guaranteed!

I was very lucky to be able to spend some precious days with Rozanne Tunmer in Mana Pools. We were able to observe incredible numbers of animals and see phantastic Baobabs. At night we had visitors in our little tented camp. Lion, hyenas and a honey badger came to sniff for some food leftovers. The honey badger amused us with his futile attempt to access our kitchen tent. The hyenas were out of luck, too. They tried to get into our cooler box and must have applied every trick they could master – but could only find salad and other greens which they were not very fond of. The scavengers quickly lost interest. I got a little nervous as I heard one of them sniffing loudly at the corners of my tent.

Rozanne Tunmer paints anmimals and plants in a phantastic, colourful, lively and fascinating way. You can find more of her work in Facebook – just search for her name.

This Baobab below stems from Rozanne Tunmer’s quill:

Baobab, Rozanne Tunmer

Baobab, Rozanne Tunmer

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