Baobab, Andrew “Roogs” Arkwright

Andrew “Roogs” Arkwright is a person with special needs. He was born in Zimbabwe. For approximately six months each year he lives in Mana Pools with his family and works there as a camp manager. Only recently he has discovered his liking for fine arts.  He loves flora and fauna at Mana Pools and reports very enthusiastically about his experiences with lion and wild dogs. Particularly inspiring is his story about how to defeat an attacking lion: one grabs into the wide open mouth of the lion and grabs its long tail. Holds on tightly to the tail and pulls it through the mouth. This will “hunt down” the strongest attacking lion. Andrew produces place mats and post cards of his art work. His latest idea is to find a way to bring his friends with special needs to Mana Pools, too. Find his beautiful interpretation of a Baobab below:

Adrew Roogs Arkwright

Adrew Roogs Arkwright

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