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10/2016Publication: "The New Super Fruit", Forum Magazin, in German, Print & Online, 28.10.2016
09/2016Online Publication (German & English): "The Passion for Baobabs and Elephants" , The Huffington Post Deutschland, 23.09.2016 and The Huffington Post Great Britain, 29.09.2016
07/2016Publication: Online and Radio Broadcast: "Baobab - the Comeback of the Super Fruit" for "Deutsche Welle" - Radiobroadcaster; Radio Broadcast for African countries; 22.07.2016
07/2016Art: Etching Baobabs, Lithographische Werkstatt, Alt-Treptow, Berlin
07/2016Baobab-Reproduction: successfol germination of Baobabs from seeds, Berlin
05/2016Publication (German & French): Online and Print: "Culinary Inspration from Africa", Heike Pander, the Magazine Alimenta/ Foodaktuell, Suisse, 19.05.2016
03/2016Publication (German): Online & Print: "Baobab - Source of Income", Heike Pander, Online: Die Tagespost, 30.03.2016
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03/2016Publication (German): "Why Baobab helps the poorest", Heike Pander, The Huffington Post Deutschland, 25.03.2016
03/2016Publication (English): "Baobab Ecology: Jumpstart for Giants", Heike Pander, The Huffington Post UK, 21.03.2016
03/2016Research about presence of baobab at ITB, Tourism Fair, Berlin
02/2016Reproducing Baobab: Sapling generated from a branch and successfully replanted sprouting leaves
02/2016Research at "Biofach", organic Fair about presence of baobab products on the market, Nürnberg
02/2016Publication (German): "Baobab Ecology: Jumpstart for Giants", Heike Pander, The Huffington Post Deutschland, 29.02.2016
01/2016New Membership at Professional Union for artists Berlin (BBK Berlin), Germany
12/2015Research South Africa: at Kruger National Park, with Biologist Michele Hofmeyr
11/2015Research in Zimbabwe: Journey to Baobab Fruit Collectors in the Masvingo and Mount Darwin Areas, with Gus Le Breton of B'Ayoba
11/2015Research in South Africa: Journey to the Baobab Fruit Collectors in Venda area, Limpopo Province with Dr. Sarah Venter, Eco Products
11/2015"Why Fair Trading Baobab is important", Heike Pander, The Huffington Post Deutschland, 12.11.2015
09/2015Exhibition: "Close pictures - far away horizons", Baobab paintings, Gleiwitz, Polen
08/2015"Let's Go Baobab - an adventurous trip by motorbike"; Guest Contribution, Heike Pander,, 11.08.2015
07/2015Publication: "Baobab is the Superfruit", Heike Pander, The Huffington Post Deutschland, 15.07.2015
04/2015Publication: "These Super Fruit are more healthy than anything you know from the Supermarket", Heike Pander, The Huffington Post Deutschland, 24.04.2015
03/2015Research about Baobab presence at ITB, Tourism Fair Berlin
02/2015Research at "Biofach" Trade Fair for organic food products about baobab presence on markets, Nürnberg
10/2014Photo-Presentation: "Baobabs - Giants of the Savannah", Flora, Botanical Garden, Cologne
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10/2014New membership: Professional Union for Fine Artists, Bonn/Rhein-Sieg
9/2014"Baobabs",exhibition and photo presentation at Umfulana travels agency, Kürten, Germany
8/2014"Baobabs, Giants of the Savannah", exhibition, Flora, Botanical Garden, Cologne

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