Too hot in the Congo Basin…

Many moons ago the gods planted the Baobab in their best intention in the Congo basin. There it is quite hot and humid. The Baobab did not like it at all. He complained to the gods. They provided him with a new place to live willingly. On the mountain of the moon in Uganda. The Baobab was satisfied for a while. Then he noticed that everything was too cramped for his taste. He complained again and received a dry hot spot in the savannah with enough space for his ramified rootage. His wishes did not end there. A little while later he wanted to have a thick trunk to be easily distinguished from other trees. One wish was just fulfilled – the next appeared at once. And his wishes became bigger. This time he wanted to have a soft and smooth bark and velvety fruits. Even this wish was fulfilled at once. With his next wish he overstretched his luck – he demanded golden blossoms because he wanted to stand out from all the other trees. The gods were very cross with the Baobab and tore him out of the ground – including his roots. They stuck him – head first – into the enormous hole in the ground. From this day on nobody has ever heard the Baobab complain again and up to date he extends his rooty branches towards the sky.



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