Where to find Baobabs?

Areas of Distribution:

Baobabs (Adansonia digitata) can be found in Africa South of the Sahara:

Southern and Eastern Africa: Ethiopia (in the South), Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan (in the South), Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botsuana, Namibia (in the very North), Angola, Mozambique, Somalia, South Africa (in the North, Limpopo Province)

West Africa: Burkina Faso, Kamerun, Tchad, Kongo, Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo.

Map - Areas of Distribution

Map – Areas of Distribution

Baobabs were widely distributed by humans โ€“ Arab merchands for example traded the fruit on Egyptian markets and further East. The trees are said to be found in countries as far as Vietnam and Indonesia. A less positive distribution factor was the slave trade to Latin America: Baobabs can be found in the Carabbean today. Some Baobabs enjoy the warm climate in Florida. More baobabs grow in Australia (in the North-West) and in Madagascar. But the species there are not Adansonia digitata. This topic will be covered in another text.

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    • Dear Stephen, thank you for contacting baobabstories.com. What kind of partnership do you have in mind?
      baobabstories.com is a platform with information on baobabs but neither buying nor selling baobab powder/oil.
      If you look for trading partners I recommend that you contact the respective people.
      Thank you very much for your understanding.
      Best regards, Heike Pander

    • I am interested in importing the fruits to North America. Please let me know price and how we can go about doing this business.

      • Dear Meera, thank you for visiting my website and your interest in baobab fruit. I am not in the baobab trading business as I am only writing about anything to do with baobabs. I therefore recommend that you contact baobab traders which you can find with a search on the internet.
        All the best to you and kind regards, Heike Pander

  1. Stephen can you be more precise on the finding of baobab fruits and how much do you have access to, availability in terms of seasons or time it’s mostly available in your country. Meet me via email: sekesekemoses@gmail.com (all small letters)

  2. Hi Heike,

    Lovely webpage! And no wonder why you’re fan of these magnificent trees. I was amazed continuosly when I visited Senegal with them too. Now I’m planning to visit Kenya and first thing that I looked for was if there were baobabs in Kenya; and it seems it’s not that easy as in Senegal. Do you have any locations/tips of where to see them? Planning to do Masaai Mara NP, Amboseli NP and Mombasa/Watamu. You can use my email for communications if you want (on the personal details).

    Thank you so much! I’ll carry on looking to your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Isabel, thanks very much for your appreciation & I am delighted to hear that you love baobabs, too! Yes, there are baobabs in Kenya but indeed, you have to know where to look for them. Nairobi is quite high in altitude but nevertheless I saw some planted ones in the yards of houses. I did not see “wild” baobabs in the Mara and I have not been to Amboseli yet. But I have seen baobabs in/around Mombasa and you will surely find baobabs along the coast in the east, for example Kilifi. Baobabs prefer it hot & tend to live on meagre soils (bad for agriculture) and with little rainfalls, altitudes of sea level up to 800 meters in general, exceptions from the rule very likely – so that would be the information to look for in terms of regions where they grow… Hope to hear from you once you are back – safe travels & all the best, Heike

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