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For those who rather read about the biological facts: 

There is no doubt – Baobabs are the most fascinating trees I know!They impress by their size and the fact that they are leaveless throughout most of the year. Baobabs are real survivalists. They love very hot and dry environments with very little rainfall.

Temperatures below 12 degrees centigrade and a high degree of salinity in the soil where they root are not to their liking. At first glimpse it seems unusual that their leaves sprout weeks before the start of the rainy season. Nature has arranged it that way because Baobabs do not like wet feet.

Baobabs do not contain wood and do not have the typical annual rings common in other trees. It is very difficult to determine their age. Really huge specimens are estimated to be several hundred to thousand years and even older.

Baobabs grow up to 25 to 30 meters in height and can reach a girth of more than 40 meteres. They contain large amounts of water which is used in different ways by people and animals during dry periods. Elephants tear whole branches off the tree or tear out chunks of the trunks. They like to chew the bark because it contains minerals and water. That does not necessarily kill the trees but it may have an impact on their further growth and development which can be seen in bizarre forms and shapes particularly in areas with high elephant population. Humans use Baobabs in many different ways. Mainly young leaves and fruit for food purposes or for preparation of medicines. The bark of the trees is used for bast fibres and ropes which stand out in very high durability. The trees can also master this modest treatment.

I am very impressed by the Baobab’s ability to regenerate itself. I have seen Baobabs with unbelievable injuries and scars on their trunks and branches but they were still strongly rooted clinging to life and defying their fall.


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