Baobabs: Help – Vacation!!!

Same procedure every year: I want to go on vacation and have to leave my little Baobabs „home alone“. Fortunately, I have discovered a watering system a few years ago that provides sufficient water to the Baobabs during my absence.

The system is very simple: a spire shaped clay cone with green or brown cap attached to a brown tube which ends with a white ceramic or plastic piece. The clay cone is hollow inside and needs ton be soaked in water before it can be used. The cone is filled to the brim with water and closed with the green/brown cap. Once filled with water the cone is placed next to the roots of the plant that needs to be watered. The tube with the white plastic end is placed in a container with water. Please make sure that the white end arrives at the bottom of the container to avoid interruption of the water cycle.

The water container should be big enough to cover the peroid the plant needs to be watered. Maybe you’d like to test the water consumption of the Baobab before you leave since it may vary greatly under different weather conditions. Make sure to cover the container to avoid evaporation of water.

Place the vessel with water at plant level (same height) with the roots of the plant or even below that. This allows the Baobab to draw the amount of water it needs. If the container is placed slightly below the plant, it needs to put more effort in drawing the water. If the container is set higher than the root level the plant might draw more water than it really needs. The excess water may spill on the floor and cause a little flooding.

So far I was very successful with this system and my Baobabs have survived several weeks on the balcony on their own. In fact they looked quite good when I returned.

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