They love it…

If one is lucky enough to call a little Baobab their own – surely one tries to ensure that the little treasure is “happy” and thriving. In summer my Baobabs live on a sunny spot out on the balcony. They love bright sunlight. I take them outside as soon as the frosty periods are over in May. The little Baobabs cannot cope with frost at all. The temperatures outside should be well above 12° C to make them happy.

In late summer or early in fall, as soon as the temperatures drop below 20° C – I move the Baobabs back to their sunny spots on my living room window sill.  They like it warm – although I have come accross information that they should be kept in a cool place during their „resting“ period (while they do not have leaves) in (European) winter. They do not appreciate draught. My little Baobabs loose their leaves in fall and remain like this for several months. During this time of “rest” they need less water. Usually I water them once a week or less, depending on the temperatures in the room. The trees do not mind dry periods.


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