Is Baobab the New Organic Botox?

Susanne Gans, Speick, Biofach

Susanne Gans, Speick, Biofach

Each year the eco cosmetics and beauty industry displays their latest discoveries and products at the Vivaness fair in Nuremberg. The event takes place at the same time as the Biofach – the world’s leading fair in terms of ecologically produced food. Naturally, products from the mighty baobab are on display, too. Right at the entrance I encounter a special product: I am told by Susanne Gans, head of the laboratory at Speick Company, that baobab is the natural Botox!

Baobab extract obtained from the powder of the fruit does not only contain minerals, vitamins and antioxidants – but slows down muscle contractions. Thus, the extract has a similar effect to that of Botox. It “paralyzes” the facial muscles and thus makes the skin smooth. Gans states that “this is reversible but nevertheless we have decided to use baobab extract because in tests we found that the effect is actually working”. For the desired effect, the product needs to be applied daily.

Gans has worked with baobab extract for four years and is convinced by its effectiveness. According to her, the product was analyzed thoroughly and the results delivered what the product had promised. The facial crème had to undergo blind tests and the positive results could be confirmed. One side of the proband’s face was treated with a placebo, the other with baobab extract. Gans reports enthusiastically that the differences were significantly visible.

The company buys baobab extract from Burkina Faso. There, the powder is obtained from the fruit of the baobab and imported to Germany. Gans emphasizes the use of organic ingredients for the products. Baobab trees do not grow in plantations and the fruit are collected in the wild. Usually no pesticides or fertilizers are applied and the fruit are mostly naturally “bio”.

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